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How Spine Paradise Can Help You - Chiropractor Miami, Gold Coast

Our Process


Our goal at Spine Paradise is listen first. We take the time to understand your health-related problems before completing a thorough spinal and neuro (nerve) examination. Our Gold Coast Chiropractor practice uses leading MyoVision scanning technology and digital postural analysis to work out if chiropractic care is right for you. Then we can get started on helping your body function better so you may feel better.

Initial gold coast chiropractor Review 

Your first appointment at Spine Paradise will start with an initial review. This is an opportunity to talk to our expert team about your symptoms and overall health. We can use this time to discuss any injuries, pain or lifestyle factors that relate to your condition – including any confidential or personal information that you would like to share – and talk broadly about your health.

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  gold coast chiropractor Consultation 

As part of this initial review, we will complete a full, professional examination. This includes checking your muscles, joints and nerves to see how your body is functioning; looking at factors such as blood pressure, breathing, posture and gait; and a complimentary MyoVision computerised spinal scan. This scan uses leading digital technology to measure muscular compensation around the spine. Together, these observations will help us work out whether chiropractic treatment is right for you. 

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gold coast Chiropractor MyoVision Scan

At Spine Paradise we use the NASA-formulated MyoVision scanner to accurately assess your spinal health. Using similar technology to an ECG, MyoVision scan measures electrical activity in your muscles. Unlike other diagnostic tools, a MyoVision scan is comfortable, non-invasive and emits no harmful radiation. It’s a safe way to measure and chart what chiropractors feel with our hands – how your muscles are working harder to compensate for spinal tension or subluxation – which helps us identify any possible weakness which might be aggravating your condition. All our patients are regularly re-assessed using MyoVision scans to track progress. Spine Paradise patients have access to this leading clinical technology at no additional cost as part of our exclusive service. Read more about MyoVision Scan technology – how it works and what you an expect.

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 gold coast Chiropractor Treatment Options

With the information we’ve gathered from our consultation and scan, we’ll discuss our findings with you. We’ll explain the reasons for your pain, including the likely underlying causes, and discuss option for treatment, which may include gentle chiropractic care or a referral to another healthcare professional who specialises in your condition. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and discuss treatment options. If we do start treatment at Spine Paradise, you will receive your first Adjustment.The first visit involves consultation,exam ,free Myovision scan and usually spinal adjustment.Fee $120.00 The fee for an adult adjustment on subsequent visits is $75. Our chiropractor will recommend an appropriate initial schedule of care. After a few weeks we will perform another MyoVision scan to monitor your progress and repeat our initial review to see how your mobility has improved.

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gold coast Chiropractor Care

Every person is unique; and every spine responds differently to chiropractic care. Your chiropractic treatment is designed to support your spinal function, which then allows your body to heal yourself. Chiropractors use varied techniques to adjust the spine. Dr Chris (Chiropractor) has 39+ years’ experience providing gentle, individualised care. His techniques include using an activator instrument, drop piece and Gonstead manual techniques with supportive trigger point therapy. Dr Chris (Chiropractor) will recommend a schedule of care, supported by regular progress exams, to keep you updated on how your spinal health is improving to better support your overall health and lifestyle. Miami Gold Coast,Mermaid Waters Gold Coast ,Burleigh Waters Gold Coast.Chiropractor near me, Local chiropractor

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